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Unik Yachts

Son Güncelleme :

27 Şubat 2024 - 13:07

Unik Yachts

Unik Yachts is a company focused on designing and building innovative racing, cruising and motor yachts. It creates wonderful boats by prioritizing modern design, maximum comfort and safety and adopts non-standard engineering ideas.

The company operates on the principles of light, strong, simple and technology-oriented. They constantly strive to find the most efficient and elegant solutions. They respect shipbuilding tradition and experience while developing new and innovative ideas in design.

Unik Yachts strives to achieve the best results to fulfill its customers’ wishes. The company aims to be the best rather than the biggest, and they do “ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

The birth of conceptual ideas of new yachts is one of the most interesting and creative stages for the company. They work on these ideas to make their customers’ wishes and dreams come true.

Unik Yachts aims to enrich its customers’ sailing experience by offering them unique and customized yachts.

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